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Air pollution transparency rules among EU laws to be scrapped by UK

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Laws to ensure the government is transparent about how they plan to reduce harmful air pollution are among those to be scrapped in the EU retained law bill.

A climbdown by ministers over the bill has reduced the number of EU regulations to be automatically removed from the statute books from 4,000 to 600, but key rules on air pollution are among those still expected to be removed.

The regulations being taken out of UK law impose a duty on the government to publish a pathway to meeting tight emissions targets by 2030 for five noxious pollutants.

The rules also enforce the need to publicly consult on the plans to cut emissions. But these two regulations, in the National Emission Ceilings Regulations 2018, are to be removed from UK law by the end of the year if the bill, which is going through the House of Lords, is approved.

Katie Nield, a clean air lawyer for ClientEarth, said: “They are proposing to snip out some quite critical elements that are there to make sure the targets are actually met. They want to remove the legal duty on government to have a plan to reduce the emissions,…

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