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Allergic to Your Pet? This Immunotherapy May Help

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It’s a nightmare for any dog or cat owner: suddenly developing an allergy to their pet. Belly rubs and cuddles bring red eyes and a runny nose. Some people can no longer even be in the same room as a pet without their respiratory system sounding the alarm.

Medical professionals’ advice in such cases is unanimous: it’s best to find the animal a new home because the odds of an allergy disappearing are extremely low. In fact, living with the animal increases the risk that allergic rhinitis, commonly known as “hay fever,” will turn into more serious allergic asthma.

But saying goodbye to an animal friend is an unbearable thought for many allergy sufferers. And for some, it’s not just an emotional problem but also an existential one. This is the case for people who need a guide dog, for example, or have a job in which they can’t avoid contact with animals.

The good news: there is a therapy that can significantly alleviate or even cure allergies. The bad news: the treatment is laborious and not entirely risk-free.

An allergy sufferer’s immune system acts like an…

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