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New York to Ban Natural Gas, Including Stoves, in New Buildings

New York may soon become the first state in the nation to ban natural gas in new construction under a budget deal announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The proposal, revealed on Thursday night, has been a priority for environmental groups, who see it as a critical step in reducing New York’s dependence on fossil fuels and helping it meet its emission reduction goals. But it was opposed by the oil and gas industry and treated skeptically by some consumers.

Environmental groups warned that the details of the plan were still unclear and said they worried it may contain a provision that would allow local governments to effectively veto the measure. But Katy Zielinski, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office, said on Friday that no such measure was included in the deal.

“The new law will not have any loopholes that will undermine the intent of this measure,” said Ms. Zielinski. “There will not be any option for municipalities to opt out.”

It is part of the sprawling $229 billion state budget deal announced by the governor, which capped weeks of heated negotiations that have delayed…

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