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For your pitch, last impressions count almost as much as first impressions

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Your first slide is obviously important for a pitch deck; first impressions count, and having a solid introduction goes a long way. It seems that founders often forget that the last slide is just as important.

There’s a simple reason for that: Investors easily look at hundreds of slide decks per month, and it’s hard to remember them all. Sure, startup names are often catchy and pretty self-explanatory (Lyft, DoorDash), but it’s hard remember that Orange refers to a car-charging company, not the fruit. Companies are often give shorthand summaries of the businesses they’re working with. In the case of Orange, it might be, “You know, the company that puts chargers in apartment buildings.” Everyone around the table goes, “Aaaah, yes,” and the conversation continues.

As a founder, you have an opportunity to influence how someone summarizes your company. The way to do that is by reinforcing your message on the first and last slides. What is a good shorthand for your company? Are you Dollar Shave Club for underwear? Are you Turo for caravans?…

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