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5 experts share how hope fuels their work


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Yes, it’s easy to feel despondent. The planet is overheating and nature is declining at unprecedented rates.

But environmental chaos is not inevitable. And doom and gloom never did any good. Increasingly, thought leaders are urging optimism — and a clear-eyed focus on solutions that are well within reach.

Around the world, people are working to confront climate change and biodiversity loss by protecting nature. Meet five Conservation International experts who share why they have hope for our Earth — and why you should, too.

Marissa Miller surfing on the South Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Yoshi Tanaka 

Surfing brings me hope because it grounds me in purpose and connects me to the ocean — and to people all over the world. Through surfing, I’ve developed a strong relationship with nature and become more attuned to my environment. My passion
for surfing goes beyond my love for riding waves because surfing relies on healthy coastal ecosystems, and healthy coastal ecosystems create many benefits for local communities. For me, surfing illuminates the interconnectedness…

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