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How Bears Hibernate without Getting Blood Clots

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Despite spending more than half the year hibernating in frigid temperatures, brown bears (Ursus arctos) remain remarkably healthy. These idle giants rarely suffer from maladies such as blood clots, which can occur in humans experiencing only temporary bouts of immobility and can be deadly. “Patients who come into the hospital with a broken leg are usually prone to develop thrombosis,” says Tobias Petzold, a cardiologist at the German Center for Cardiovascular Research. “But in contrast, brown bears, which are lying around for a couple of months, do not develop clots.”

In a new study published on Thursday in the journal Science, Petzold and his colleagues pinpointed a protein that helps the hibernating bears avoid dangerous clotting that can prevent blood flow during their long winter slumber.

To determine how dormant bears keep blood pumping during months of torpor, Petzold and his colleagues partnered with biologists studying a population of brown bears in Sweden. The biologists collected blood samples from 13 hibernating bears in their dens during the winter. In the…

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