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From tiny nation, a ‘hallmark moment’ for climate justice

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A small Pacific island nation scored a major victory for climate justice. 

Vanuatu, an archipelago of 320,000 people threatened by rising seas and devastating storms, is behind a landmark U.N. resolution that could hold carbon-polluting countries to account for failing to act on climate change.

Conservation International’s climate lead, Emily Nyrop, explains what the resolution means and how it could advance climate justice.

Conservation News: To start, why is a move like this necessary?

Emily Nyrop: This is a step toward balancing the scales of the climate crisis. The wealthiest and most polluting countries that are largely to blame for the climate crisis have shown little progress in supporting small countries that emit a fraction of greenhouse gases, yet are facing existential threats from its effects — particularly Pacific island nations like Vanuatu. Just last month, Vanuatu experienced rare back-to-back cyclones that the country’s leaders are saying were made worse by climate change.

Let’s talk about what this resolution does and doesn’t do.

EN: This resolution asks…

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