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Fears for England’s frog and toad population after drought


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Frog and toad populations in England have been devastated by climate breakdown, conservationists fear, after the drought dried up their breeding ponds last year.

Usually at this time of year, ponds are full of jelly-like frog and toadspawn. But conservationists have found the habitats to be bare, with no amphibians or their young to be seen.

Kathy Wormald, the chief executive of the amphibian charity Froglife, told the Guardian: “We are receiving a lot of reports of no amphibians – frogs, toads and newts. We are also getting reports from our toad patrollers of lower numbers migrating, but we will not know for definite until later in the year when we have all of their data.

“We have noticed a steady increase in low numbers being reported by the public over the past few years. We think that the variable climate patterns, with warmer winters but then cold well into the spring months, when they would migrate to the ponds, is having an impact on their behaviour patterns.”

Rare natterjack toads have been struggling due to changing weather patterns, with populations devastated.


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