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Best Solar Companies of 2023

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Tesla solar panels

Tesla Solar

Best solar panels strictly on price

SunPower tops CNET’s 2023 list of the best solar panel companies thanks to its solar panels, which lead the industry in efficiency, and its strong warranties. If you can meet your energy needs with a more affordable solar energy system, value customer service over other aspects of your solar purchase or just hate the way conventional solar panels look, you’ll find solar energy companies here that work for you, too. If you’re planning to buy solar panels to avoid rising energy costs and increasing blackouts or invest in renewable energy, you’re not alone. Residential solar installations grew by 40% in 2022 from the previous year.

You can get 30% of the cost of solar panels back on your taxes and participate in local incentives and net metering (where available). The Inflation Reduction Act passed last year opened up more rebates for energy efficiency home improvements, electric appliances and other renewable energy solutions, which could help you save even more with solar panels.

With climate change expected to…

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