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RealClimate: Unforced Variations: Apr 2023

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I would like to respond also to your comment on my post of March 30 (I am new here and do not see an option how to reply to this older comment directly).
I exploit the circumstance that you touch the same topics – the role of latent heat flux and the intensity of water cycle in climate regulation.

macias shurly says

1 Apr 2023 at 11:43 AM

@Tomáš Kalisz says: –

.” We emphasize that our goal here is not to obtain an accurate
estimate of global transpirational cooling, but to present plausible arguments showing that it can be large.

Therefore, by construction, global
climate models cannot provide any independent information about the climatic effect of evapotranspirational cooling ”

ms: — Hello Tomáš Kalisz – I am a biologist and artist and I looked at your graphic about heat wave mitigation / global water cycle restoration. dr Gavin Schmidt is hard to reach when it comes to evapotranspiration and ecology. I’ve been posting on more or less the same topic for many months and it’s hard to have fact-based communication. Broad sections of the audience here…

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