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News live: Federal and South Australian governments sign Aukus cooperation deal as Pocock


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Chris Bowen throws back to Coalition on energy price rises

The energy minister is borrowing a turn of phrase out of Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech when asked about the Coalition’s suggestion that capping coal and gas prices will, in the longer run, increase prices.

Chris Bowen:

I invite the Coalition to have a look in the mirror. I mean, he had the independent energy regulator this morning pointing out that without the intervention, the price rises would have been closer to 50%.

An intervention that Mr Dutton opposed, like he opposes everything. You can’t complain about higher energy prices and then vote for higher energy prices.

We’ve carefully calibrated the interventions and worked through them carefully. Mr Dutton and his bunch of irrelevancies put themselves out of the process and opposed the package and did not enter into discussions with the government.

The Labor premier of South Australia, Peter Malinauskas, has joined senior Australian ministers at the Osborne naval shipyard in…

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