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RealClimate: Unforced variations: March 2023

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John Shanly,
The authors of the non-peer-reviewed article titled Emissions and CO2 Concentration – an Evidence Based Approach you link to are Joachim Dengler & John Reid. Who are they? What are their areas of expertise? Do they have any track record of peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of climate science? No?

Meanwhile, it seems to me Dr James E Hansen has a long and distinguished track record in the field of climate science, with many heavily cited peer-reviewed papers in the field of climate science – websearch: “scholarly james e hansen”

James Hansen & 14 co-authors submitted a new scientific paper titled Global warming in the pipeline to a broad reaching interdisciplinary journal Oxford Open Climate Change on 8 Dec 2022. With permission of Editor-in-Chief Eelco Rohling, the submitted version is available on arXiv, the website used by physicists for preprints.

Figure 6 (in the Hansen et. al. pre-print) indicates to me that the cooling effect of aerosols (primarily human-induced from the burning of fossil fuels) in the…

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