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‘Cocaine Bear’ Review: Campy Horror Romp Delivers Wild Comedy Carnage

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Cocaine Bear! There’s a bear! It does a ton of cocaine! Movies! Cocaaaaaiine Beeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!

That’s it, that’s the review!

Want more than that? I’m not sure the film has much more to offer, but seeing as this new movie with Ray Liotta, Keri Russell and Alden Ehrenreich is in theaters now, I’ll give it a shot. Astonishingly, this gory comedy-horror flick about a bear that does cocaine is based on a true story. This probably leaves you with a ton of questions: When and where, and how, did this happen? What did the bear do when it got high? How did it roll up a banknote with those claws?

The answers are…

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