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Dining across the divide US special: ‘He said it was my opinion that humans caused

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April, 48, Boulder, Colorado

Occupation Massage therapist

Voting record Democrat. April says: “I have always had liberal views”

Amuse bouche April has a dog “the size of a squirrel”. She’s an artist and does graphite illustrations


Ted, 59, Boulder, Colorado

Occupation Sales manager

Voting record Republican. Voted for Trump twice, but doesn’t defend him – “I think he was kind of a jackass, the way he carried himself in public”

Amuse bouche Ted, who is one of April’s clients, almost died after jumping into a supposedly dry stream to retrieve a golf ball. He got stuck waist-deep in mud and his friends had to fish him out with a pole

For starters

April I don’t usually hang out with my clients, but it wasn’t awkward. I’ve known Ted for a few years and we’ve developed a comfortable relationship. Still, there’s a different power differential when the person’s naked on the bed and you’re not.

Ted At the beginning, we were joking about whether this was going to be a cat fight. But it didn’t turn out to be; it was a lively debate. Before I left for the dinner, my…

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