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The Biden administration says Apple and Google’s app stores are stifling competition

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The Biden administration is calling out Apple and Google’s app stores for stifling competition. A new report, issued on Wednesday by the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), said it had investigated the competitive conditions in the mobile app ecosystem and found that it’s “not a level playing field, which is harmful to developers and consumers.” The report also made several policy suggestions that could improve the ecosystem and open up competition.

The investigation had been initiated as part of a 2021 Executive Order on competition and involved consultations with various industry stakeholders in the private industry, civil society, and academia, NTIA said. It also included a review of over 150 comments filed in response to a request for public comment last April.

The report summarizes what industry watchers already know: that the innovations made possible by mobile phones and downloadable apps have begun to be overshadowed by the barriers to entry to the market facing developers, the excessive and restrictive…

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