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Optimizing Business Communications with Advanced Call Reporting – Phone Data Reveals

On-Demand Cloud SIP Trunking

On-Demand Cloud SIP Trunking

Businesses looking for ways to optimize their sales and support strategies are always on the lookout for data that can help them make smarter decisions. While traditional phone services allow users to see details about calls in summarized call stats and call logs, the latest business VoIP services are allowing businesses to access so much more than ever before. Today, providers can give users access to deeper historical data across multiple services in easy-to-read reports. Providers like ZTelco are helping customers address real business concerns discovered these reports with added tools and services.

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — While most providers can report basic call data in spreadsheets and call logs, a new provider is pushing the boundaries of what can be done with all the data that is being collected.

Having introduced a nationwide business phone service called RingPlan in 2019, ZTelco, a Southern California VoIP and Internet company-is changing the way business customers are accessing and understanding their data, to prescribe actionable solutions to problems they encounter when reviewing call flow data.

Gone are the days of call logs and simple call reports from multiple providers, today business customers on VoIP phone systems like the RingPlan Business Suite can access data across their entire organization across multiple channels of communication. A unified provider, RingPlan for instance, offers more than phone service. They also offer video chat, business text messaging, and digital fax nationwide.

By cross-referencing reports of these popular services, managers peer deeper into their business to reveal highlights and opportunities for improvement. The added benefit of centralized communication becomes a handy tool for optimizing the performance of a dispersed team; local, remote, or hybrid employees working from multiple locations.

In the case of RingPlan, strategists are available to help customers strategize custom solutions that include virtual staffing. In a recent campaign for a nationally-renown clinic, this translated to greatly improved answer rates and 35% more scheduled appointments. Read the case study.

From Call Logs to Advanced Reporting
The days of exporting and analyzing call lists are over. Phone providers are now providing customers access to more data and more expert analysis. This is only possible through the latest advancements in VoIP Technology and unified communication.

Users are now able to access basic stats on dashboards along with sorting through calls, recordings, messages, and more, all online ‘on the cloud.’

Companies like ZTelco have taken it a step further by not only developing some of the most advanced reports available from a modern VoIP provider, but also by providing expert analysis and business development services to help customers resolve some of the problems they encounter.

A RingPlan report may find hidden truths about existing business strategies, team inefficiencies, and even provide a glimpse of customer perceptions and expectations.

RingPlan is using this information to actively prescribe solutions in sales, marketing, and customer support. Solutions range from changes to call strategies, call flows, dial plan adjustments, and even virtual staffing.

These reports help businesses discover any hidden communication gaps, many of which can be easily resolved. Issues like these may include a high number of unanswered calls, long wait times, impacted extensions, a high number of dropped calls, and more.

RingPlan reports go into deeper details on calls made and calls received with reports such as inbound DID reports, and queue reports, RingPlan even provides a Flash Operator Panel for power users, available directly from the Premium Reports panel.

RingPlan turns “data” into real business intelligence giving users the ability to compare how they’re doing now vs last week, last month, or last quarter with side-by-side comparisons.

Companies are using this information to peer into customer journeys to learn more about their experience, measuring abandonment rates and average hold times at each step. Drill down into specific calls by having the ability to review and log specific call outcomes. See which employees are your all-star performers along with optimal scheduling times.

RingPlan Premium Reports Comes with 10 built-in reports customers can easily access and download including the following:

  • Rep Answered Call Report: Manage your representatives, and access the date of each inbound, outbound, and queued call.
  • Inbound DID Report: See what’s going on with your marketing. Data is organized by date and even hour. Organize your data by date to see which numbers are getting the most calls.
  • Queue Reports: Especially helpful for call center managers, managers can access information on calls arriving in each individual queue, along with successful connections and drop-offs. Break down the information by agent, date, and time
  • Queue Log-In/Out Reports: See which agents are logged in, what time they log in and log out along with total time logged in
  • Queue Service Level Report: Runs your metrics to see if you’re making it within your service level, runs within 60 seconds
  • Rep Timeline Report: A visual representation showing what agents are doing on a regular basis. See your agents’ activities on a single sheet from talk time to time in video meetings
  • Conference Bridge Report: See the report for each conference call. See which individuals are attending conference calls and who is missing out
  • Get the full list here:

RingPlan Reports may tell you details such as which employees are performing the best, where gaps may exist in your call strategy, where calls may be dropping off, and more.

Advanced Reports are built on top of an impressive business suite that comes supplied with a premium phone system, a video conferencing platform, a digital fax solution, and even a business text messaging offering.

Prescribing Solutions for the Bottom-Line, ZTelco is now offering virtual staffing solutions to resolve many of the problems discovered using RingPlan’s advanced reporting.

“We are realizing that many of our customers could improve the bottom line by simply addressing some of these areas of concern uncovered in our Premium Reports. We are now helping customers address these opportunities with highly-trained virtual teams.” —Josef Smith – VP Sales

When a qualifying customer requests an analysis or review, a RingPlan manager will conduct an audit of their call systems to find where exactly their phone processes could improve.

RingPlan then offers not only a technical solution from a myriad of tools available, including innovative tools like call automation, but may also propose a more holistic approach to include recommendations in staffing. RingPlan now offers virtual staffing services for customers having trouble staffing their own needs.

Sometimes a customer just needs a little part-time help from a trained phone agent, but sometimes, they need the support of an entire team. RingPlan Virtual teams are quick to deploy and easily integrate with existing efforts.

According to ZTelco, staffing these types of data-driven campaigns can directly affect pressing concerns companies often have about answer rates, call optimization, and reaching desired goals with every call.

These strategic campaigns have helped customers raise answer rates, book more appointments, raise more revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and more. This Customer Increase Open Rates from 8% to 75%.

An informed and unified approach to communication appears to be the future for modern businesses. Leaps and bounds beyond the phones of our past, a unified system is effective for both remote and hybrid work environments.

Today VoIP customers can get more features for less as more providers are bundling services together under a unified solution.

As business communication becomes more centralized, users are able to capture more data than ever before to make meaningful business decisions.

Providers like ZTelco and their RingPlan phone system are making this possible with a new Premium Reporting feature. Ten reports are available out of the box, along with other tools users can deploy to help read and understand their phone communications.

ZTelco is taking it a step further, introducing a virtual staffing service to help customers address the issues they are uncovering with RingPlan Reports. A case study link is provided.

From part-time call staffing to full-time virtual teams, ZTelco is helping customers resolve call strategy issues by deploying business development solutions.

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