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TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2022

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We made it! Another year (nearly!) complete. Go team!

The end of the year means many things — holidays, food, family, reflection, etc. Around these parts, it also means it’s time for the TechCrunch Favorite Things list.

Each year Team TechCrunch puts together a big list of the things that, when we look back over the last twelve months, stand out as being particularly great. As always, we don’t really restrict the definition of “thing”; maybe it’s a game that ate all your free time, or a gadget that helped you do your job, or a song that lived in your brain for weeks on end. Podcasts. People. Concepts. We’re deliberately very flexible with it, and it tends to result in an eclectic list of very good stuff.

Why do we do it? I’m… not sure! We started doing it one year and had fun, and it’s sort of just become a tradition. And if we don’t do it, people ask why. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe it’ll inspire some last minute gift ideas; maybe you’ll find something you want to look into for yourself. Whatever the case, enjoy!

Greg Kumparak | Editor

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