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Young Job Seekers & Employers Spark Jobs Boom With New App Launch – Tech Business News

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Almost 1,500 young job seekers have jumped on board the new Getahead app, which lets them ‘swipe right’ to get a job with a host of attractive employers.

Some of the many employers already registered with Getahead to hire local talent ahead of the holiday season include cafes and hospitality chains, software developers, marketing agencies, construction companies, dental clinics and retailers.

Getahead eliminates the biggest issues businesses face when recruiting by offering low-cost job posts and new technology to quickly match job seekers based on unique search filters.

Connecting job seekers to their ‘dream job’, users create a profile similar to popular dating apps,
select their preferred working conditions and lifestyle factors, and swipe right to apply for jobs
served to them based on the automated AI.

Launching on the app store this month, Getahead clocked more than 1,500 registered job seekers in the first 24 hours alone, with the majority aged 14 to 25 looking for hospitality, retail
and trade jobs.

Getahead Founder and CEO Sam McNamara said the app launch came at a perfect time for both employers and job seekers.

“Getahead is already working to help time-poor business owners that are struggling to recruit staff in the lead up to the holidays,” he said.

“With more than 1,500 young job seekers already registered, it’s clear that Getahead offers a much-needed solution to the outdated, traditional process of finding a job.

“Some really exciting and exclusive businesses are already advertising jobs on Getahead that you can’t see anywhere else so there’s great opportunities for school leavers to find an exciting
job for the holidays.”

Successfully closing out its first fundraising round, the tech start-up is backed by some of Queensland’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders including coffee mogul Phillip Di Bella, who says Getahead solves a lot of problems being faced by the industry.

“There’s no greater problem in hospitality right now than finding suitable people to employ and I anticipate this issue will continue for the next three to five years,” Mr Di Bella said.

“I’ve been in business for 21 years and have employed thousands of people, so as an employer I don’t want to hire someone that doesn’t suit our working conditions, and Getahead allows you
to fast-track the hiring process.

“It’s fast, convenient and quick, plus it’s affordable and great value, saving employers between $300 and $500 per job ad compared with other platforms that are inaccessible for many hospitality and fast retail businesses.

“Australians love convenience, accessibility and technology, and Getahead ticks all those boxes, which is why it has my backing.”

Getahead aims to reduce the average time required to find a new employee from 25 days to just 25 minutes, solving problems for business owners struggling to connect with job seekers in a
highly competitive market.

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