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The ‘30×30’ Conservation Goal Divides and Inspires at COP15

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But others question the mentality of those trying to enforce it—even if it looks good on paper. Lakpa Nuri Sherpa, who is from Nepal, and represents the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, questioned whether the “top-down” approach associated with 30×30 would work unless those implementing it radically changed their approach to Indigenous peoples. “That’s where the problem lies because the solution comes from the top, and they don’t really know the realities on the ground, and the ‘solution’ doesn’t become a solution,” he says, adding that it is crucial IPLCs are treated with trust and respect, with a “spirit of true partnership.”

To the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, 30×30 is a crucial part of a successful agreement for protecting key ecosystems and propelling Indigenous-based conservation models, especially in large countries, such as Brazil, Russia, and China. He said his country was starting a “story of reconciliation” with Indigenous peoples.

In November 2021, a study contained maps of the ecosystems that humanity must not destroy in order to…

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