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Seaweed compost and bean ‘manure’ among RHS garden trends for 2023


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Seaweed compost supplements and “manure” made of beans will be among the top garden trends of 2023, the Royal Horticultural Society has predicted.

As regenerative gardening becomes fashionable, experts at the horticulture charity’s have been demonstrating how to tend beautiful plants in a more eco-friendly way, protecting the soil rather than extracting from it.

People will also be learning to attract creatures previously maligned as pests into their garden for the unexpected benefits they can bring. The RHS said its garden advice service was receiving more inquiries about encouraging a greater abundance of wildlife to their gardens to fend off more troublesome species. These include wasps that predate on caterpillars, slugs that can help recycle decaying material, and aphids that provide food for ladybirds, and lacewing and hoverfly larvae.

Dr Mark Gush, head of environmental horticulture at the RHS, said: “Regenerative gardening is all about improving the environmental conditions so that biodiversity can flourish. At our gardens we apply a no-dig technique, use cover crops…

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