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Drought, fire, flooding and storms are ravaging Australia. Where can we find hope and

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We’re at the beginning of a wild few decades. A century without precedent. “Increase in extreme weather events” – a prediction made by climate scientists over the past few decades, is now playing out in front of us.

Drought, fire, flooding and storms are increasing in severity, with devastating consequences around the world. The language of 1.5-2C of global heating doesn’t begin to describe the future. From climate science we understand that the frequency of extreme events will increase and the extremes will become more extreme.

“Unprecedented is not a reason to be unprepared,” opined the royal commission into national natural disaster arrangements.

The 2020 report reflected on the disasters of 2019-2020 – devastating drought across the east coast of Australia and a summer where apocalyptic skies became normal across New South Wales and Victoria, as millions of us breathed air polluted by destruction, as our natural environment was consumed by fires that wouldn’t go out.

The wave of unprecedented events continued after Black Summer.

Hailstorms in the ACT were a…

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