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Another week of layoffs, executive departures and AI-generated everything


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Hello again! Greg here again with Week in Review. WiR is the newsletter where we take the most read TechCrunch stories from the last seven days and wrap them up in as few words as possible — no fluff, no nonsense,* just a quick blast of everything you probably want to know about in tech this week.

*Maybe a little bit of nonsense.

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Tip your Amazon driver (on Amazon’s dime): If you’ve got an Alexa device at home, Amazon will pay your delivery driver an extra $5 if you say, “Alexa, thank my driver” after a delivery. Amazon could, of course, just pay drivers more to begin with…but that, depressingly, probably wouldn’t be a move that would get Amazon one of the most read headlines of the week.

Slack’s CEO to depart: Last week Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor stepped down; this week, Stewart Butterfield, CEO of (Salesforce-owned) Slack, announced he’ll also step down come January. Ron Miller shares his insights on inbound Slack CEO Lidiane Jones and her decades of product experience.

The “Twitter…

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