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Australia needs ‘wartime mobilisation’ response to climate crisis, security leaders say

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Australia must adopt a “wartime mobilisation” response to the climate emergency, former security leaders have told a review of the country’s defence policy.

The Australian Security Leaders Climate Group is calling for “a fundamental reframing of Australia’s defence and security strategy” away from geopolitical rivalry.

The group – whose members include the former Australian defence force chief Chris Barrie and former air force deputy chief John Blackburn – argues the country must push for unprecedented global cooperation on the climate crisis.

Despite the US and Australia vowing on Wednesday to “drive stronger global action to address the climate crisis”, the security leaders insist the issue is still being treated as an afterthought rather than a top-order threat.

The ADF faces ever-growing demands to respond to disasters at home and in the region, the group warns in a submission to the defence strategic review being conducted by former ADF chief Angus Houston and former defence minister Stephen Smith.

“Global inaction has resulted in climate change becoming an…

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