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New Cumbrian coalmine would prove UK hypocrisy, say experts around world


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For the UK to open a new coalmine would be “hypocritical”, would “send the wrong message”, and makes “a mockery” of climate action, developing country activists and experts involved in global climate negotiations have said.

A decision on whether to go ahead with a new coalmine in Cumbria is expected from the UK government as soon as Wednesday.

Many Tory MPs are in favour of the mine, which would produce coking coal for steel production, despite expert advice that most of its coal would be for export and would add to greenhouse gas emissions, rather than displacing coal from other areas.

International concern is mounting over the possible green light for the new mine. Experts said it would destroy the UK’s credibility at a crucial point for global climate action.

Yamide Dagnet, director for climate justice at the Open Society Foundations, said: “This [mooted coalmine] is deeply concerning given the UK’s strong stance on ambition [in emissions cuts] and criticism of backsliding by others.”

“Cumbria is known around the world as home to the magnificent Lake District…

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