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Enhancing Business Communications with Global Direct Routing as a Service 

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Currently, with remote communications becoming increasingly prominent post-pandemic, the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing option is one the most accessible and cost-effective ways for businesses to communicate, especially if your organization has already adopted Teams for internal communication. All you need is a suitable Teams license and a reliable third-party service provider to help connect your Microsoft Phone System to the PSTN. 

Fuse 2 deliver a particularly compelling Direct Routing as a Service offering, as it’s enhanced by their diverse global network, which in turn allows organisations to seamlessly connect offices around the world via their certified cloud gateways. 

So, how does Global Direct Routing as a Service work, and why does your business need it? Let’s have look. 

What is Global Direct Routing as a Service?

Well, it’s basically Direct Routing, with some extra benefits when it comes to international calls. 

With Global Direct Routing as a Service, businesses are able to establish a simple, cloud-based phone and PBX system, allowing employees to make internal and external calls directly from MS Teams to landlines and mobile phones both locally and internationally. It allows the business to port and use existing telephone numbers, as well as purchase new numbers from anywhere in the UK or even around the world.  

Another significant benefit is that customers get to save the hassle of finding service providers in every country they need presence in. Instead, everything is hosted and managed on the network of a single provider, meaning fewer invoices and fewer companies to deal with. 

Businesses can either start using Teams for all their calls right away or gradually migrate from a legacy PBX, depending on their specific needs. And with Teams being both PC and smartphone compatible, users can make and receive calls anytime, anywhere, on any device – maximizing productivity and enhancing collaboration.   

Why is Direct Routing Important for Global Communications?

As the hybrid work culture persists, more and more organizations comprise geographically disperse teams and interact regularly with customers and partners all over the world. This effectively means we all need an affordable, simple way to conduct international calls regularly. Global Direct Routing is exactly that: a cost-effective way for companies to make international Teams calls using certified SIP trunks. 

Among other things, it also reduces latency and improves call quality for inbound and outbound calls to and from anywhere in the world and is fully integrated into the Microsoft suite (which means it plays nice with all your other Microsoft tools). 

What Does Fuse 2 Offer?

As part of their Global Direct Routing as a Service offering, Fuse 2’s innovative and federated network allows organizations to connect their users to all telecom networks around the world with one single connection. For businesses with international offices, this means employees can easily connect with one another using a single tenant.   

Fuse 2 uses Ribbon’s Microsoft Teams-certified SBCs to deliver their Direct Routing offering, which guarantees users the highest level of security and reliability.  

To read more about their Direct Routing offering, visit their website. 



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