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Does Throwing Soup Work? Thoughts on Climate Protests

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How do you make people care about a complex, prolonged crisis muffled by the oil and gas industry, one of the most powerful economic forces in history? It’s a challenge activists battle everyday.

Enter the soup-throwers. Activists have been tossing food at the protective glass covering masterpieces and gluing themselves to museum walls to call attention to the climate crisis. People noticed, all right. But did it alienate or motivate the public?

We asked our readers, and you are utterly divided. Some considered the activists absolute criminals, while others thought their actions were pure genius and wanted to join in.

Many would rather the activists adopted other tactics, like showing images of burning forests next to Van Gogh’s sunflowers or getting young people to vote instead of attacking art. What about throwing soup at Vladimir Putin? (More than one person suggested that.)

Many were thrilled by the activists’ creativity, inspired by their courage and outraged that anyone would care about possible harm to art when they believe the world is sleepwalking deeper into an…

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