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Pitch Deck Teardown: Juro’s $23M Series B deck

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Back in January, Natasha covered Juro’s Series B round, which added $23 million to its coffers. Juro aims to put an end to contract negotiation madness, moving the workflows out of Microsoft Word and a handful of other sub-par tools to an all-in-one, web-based platform for contract negotiation-to-signature workflow. It seems like a very good idea. The deck worked; it helped Juro raise a fine stack of dollars. But is its deck any good? Let’s take a closer look.

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Slides in this deck

The company used a 15-slide deck, which it shared with TechCrunch, making only some light redactions; all the slides are there, but the company blurred out part of its future road map and the actual numbers for the financials.

  1. Cover slide
  2. “It takes ~5 tools to process just one contract” — problem slide
  3. “Initiating contracts in MS Word files compounds the pain” — problem slide
  4. “We’re making contracts browser-native” — solution slide
  5. “Companies are…

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