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Brothers pedal bike shop into Burnham

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Sentinel photo by Josh Yoder
Nick and Chris Johnston pose in front of a display at Two Brothers Bicycle Company in Burnham.

BURNHAM — Ever wanted a place where you can go experience the wonders of bicycle riding, but don’t have the ability to travel far to do so? Look no further as the Two Brothers Bicycle Company is looking to change the narrative for the people of Mifflin County.

The shop is run by the Johnston brothers, Nick and Chris.

“We bought and sold bikes privately out of our residence over a course of a year or more and realized that there was a big market,” Nick said. “I think we bought and sold 140 bikes together over a summer and thought that this is worth a shot to establish a brick and mortar business. We picked up Trek as a brand and have since expanded to E-Bikes and intense bicycles. When we felt that the market was there, we proved it right by settling in this area where it is underserved currently.”

Two Brothers made its arrival to Mifflin County in 2020 originally at 624 Valley Street, Lewistown before moving over to its current location, 309 S. Logan Boulevard, Burnham due to needing more space for their operations.

Chris enjoys being able to create a business and showcase his love for biking while being able to help the community.

“The freedom to do something that I love has been amazing. Just to pursue a passion, Nick and I have been riders for a number of years and just love everything about bikes to begin with, so to spend your time doing that and to be able to share that with other people has been the best part for me,” Chris explained. “I know that we both enjoy being able to serve people who haven’t had a bike shop this close, so I know the people of Mifflin County and surrounding areas have been appreciative. It is nice to see something local to the area that serves the community.”

When established in their new location recently, they were pleased with the community’s support.

“Most folks that come in are thankful to see a bike shop that can serve their needs,” Nick stated. “It saves them time from having to travel to State College or towards Harrisburg where the nearest bike shop was prior to our existence.”

Two Brothers offers new and used bikes, repairs, apparel, accessories and even nutrition and hydration supplies. They do not want to leave any stone unturned in terms of their commitment to providing the best experience for people who enjoy biking.

“We were setting out to make sure we serve every type of rider, whether it be someone new to the sport who is just expressing interest, or someone who is a veteran that has been riding for their entire lives looking for the latest and greatest gear,” Chris said. “We wanted to cover every rider that walks through our doors.”

For more information about Two Brothers Bicycle Company, visit from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Information can also be found on their website at or on Facebook and Instagram.

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