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GoTo underscores role of business communications tools in hybrid setup


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With hybrid work defining the business setup in the coming years, technology and business solutions investments made in the last two years pays off. But as industries are slowly easing into pre-pandemic work environment, policies might place stress on budgets, according to Lindsay Brown, vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific of GoTo.

The study by GoTo nd SWNS, a news and media content agency, show that 55% of the respondents of small businesses (SMB) in the Philippines, maintain work equipment on a regular basis.

“If I look at the top three or so costs to a small business, one is usually the facilities,” Brown told Back End News in a virtual interview. “You’ve got the setup of the office, setup of the home office, and then make sure all the tools work. And after doing that, with a constrained budget, a small business really needs to go back to looking at things at Square One.”

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One of the challenges for businesses in the pandemic is the ability to collaborate in real-time just like in the on-site office setup. GoTo saw a lot of investment SMBs put in it to make sure employees can serve the customers even remotely.

Collaboration tools

“One of the challenges which companies had was figuring out fast how to be able to collaborate and that was a key survey finding,” Brown explained, “that they need to be supportive, to be able to communicate by themselves and also outside the organization, with customers.”

The GoTo study also saw an increase customer expectations from small businesses. SMBs had to make sure to not only be responsive to customers but also do it promptly or instantly, otherwise customers may switch to other businesses.

“Serving small group channels like that is important and that’s why there should be only one solution in business communications between employees and customers; across different channels; and also that of IT management and support, is how you make sure that you got business continuity,” Brown said.

As its response to the ever-changing business environment, GoTo consolidated its capabilities of about 16 or so different products now into this all-in-one solution, GoTo Resolve.

IT management and support

GoTo Resolve is an all-in-one IT support, fortified with zero trust security for unparalleled ease and peace of mind.

Hybrid work setup means employee mobile devices are located in multiple locations all at the same time. IT support can be challenging especially when corporate data are at stake. SMBs can leverage remote management and support, remote support off-network devices, visual engagement, conversational ticketing and IT Service Management – all those are different capabilities.

“There are about six or seven of them, we’ve bundled them now into a single tool becoming one affordable price for a businesses to be able to use that to support their employees and customers,” Brown said. “And good news is, they can jump on to and start for free.”

The foundation of this move to consolidate these products are from a research by Frost and Sullivan saying that 95% of SMBs need a more simplified (consolidated) tools. The study also showed 70% of the IT professionals said their work is going to get a lot harder.

“What was interesting from the Philippine standpoint, 36% hadn’t gone ahead and figured out how they’re going to invest in business communications and IT management support, because it’s just been overwhelming,” Brown said.

The consolidation of solutions was also made to support employees.

“You want to be able to make sure that, as we enter into this tougher period, employee retention and employee morale are top of mind so they can get on with great work rather than being worried (about how they go about their work navigating different technology solutions),” Brown said.

In the Philippines,GoTo partnered with VST-ECS to distribute its products to businesses.

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