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Joe Biden warns world faces ‘pivotal moment’ in fight against climate crisis – as it

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That’s it from us for today, but we’ll be back liveblogging tomorrow, which is food and agriculture today.





  • US president Joe Biden addressed the conference, asking world leaders to “do more”

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  • He used the speech to unveil a number of new measures, including a plan to slash emissions of methane in the US, support new early warning systems for extreme weather disasters in Africa and a deal to back new solar and wind projects in Egypt in return for the country decommissioning gas power plants and cutting its emissions.

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  • The speech was briefly interrupted by youth and Indigenous activists from the US, calling on Biden to stop pushing fossil fuel extraction.

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  • Grant Shapps, the UK business secretary, said that the UK would continue to use and develop North Sea oil and gas as long as it generated lower carbon dioxide…

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