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Now anyone can build apps that use DALL-E 2 to generate images

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At long last, DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s image-generating AI system, is available as an API, meaning developers can build the system into their apps, websites and services. In a blog post today, OpenAI announced that any developer can start tapping the power of DALL-E 2 — which more than three million people are now using to produce over four million images a day — once they create an OpenAI API account as part of the public beta.

Pricing for the DALL-E 2 API varies by resolution. For 1024×1024 images, the cost is $0.02 per image; 512×512 images are $0.018 per image; and 256×256 images are $0.016 per image. Volume discounts are available to companies working with OpenAI’s enterprise team.

As with the DALL-E 2 beta, the API will allow users to generate new images from text prompts (e.g. “a fluffy bunny hopping through a field of flowers”) or edit existing images. Microsoft, a close OpenAI partner, is leveraging it in Bing and Microsoft Edge with its Image Creator tool, which lets users create images if web results don’t return what they’re looking for. Fashion design…

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