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News Spotlight: Report finds striking rise in methane emissions

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Editor’s note: News about conservation and the environment is made every day, but some of it can fly under the radar. In a recurring feature, Conservation News shares a recent news story that you should know about.

More methane is being pumped into the atmosphere than ever before, according to a new study from the World Meteorological Organization. 
The rapid acceleration is threatening to hamper efforts to curb climate change, Steven Mufson and Sarah Kaplan reported for The Washington Post. The study reported a jump of 15 parts per billion in 2020,
followed by an 18 parts per billion jump in 2021, the largest increases since records began in 1983.

“Methane concentrations are not just rising, they’re rising faster than ever,” Rob Jackson, a professor of Earth system science at Stanford University, told The Washington Post.

Methane, the second-leading contributor to climate change, is 80 times more potent at warming than carbon dioxide for the first 20 years it’s in the atmosphere. Methane is more important in the near term because it remains in the atmosphere only for…

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