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2022 Midterm Election

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Who will conquer the Seats? Democrats or Republicans?

You all must already be aware that Republics VS democrats have become the trending topic these days due to the upcoming congress.

With elections just a few months away, everyone cannot help but wonder who will win and what changes will occur in the United States after the election.

Many assume this will be the end for the President, Joe Biden and republicans winning means Trump is winning back his chance of taking over the house again.

So for all you curious cats out there, we will tell you everything you need to know about these upcoming elections.

Before we get into more details about the elections, let’s look at the differences between a republican and a Democratic party.

The most fundamental difference is that the republicans are represented by the color red, unlike the democrats, who represent themselves by the color blue.

The Democratic Party was founded on January 8, 1828, and the Republican Party was founded on March 20, 1854. Some famous democratic US presidents include John F Kennedy, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. Some famous US presidents who were republicans include George Bush, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Democrats are left-leaning and align with the liberal philosophy, whereas republicans follow conservative and right-leaning policies.

Democrats believe that the threat of climate change is serious and actions need to be taken immediately.

On the other hand, republicans have doubts about the negative effect of climate change and have rejected the findings of the United Nations. Additionally, Republicans are not in favor of stricter gun laws while democrats are!

Moreover, Democrats believe that the higher the income a person has, the more tax they should pay. In comparison, republicans do not favor increasing tax rates. They prefer a flat tax. Likewise, democrats are more inclined towards a minimum wage, while republicans believe the free market should fix salaries.

Some other significant differences between the two parties are that democrats believe in social and community responsibility while republicans believe in justice and the rights of individuals.

Democrats do not like to spend on defense when it comes to the military. On the other hand, Republicans are strong advocates of spending on defense.

These were just a few main differences between the two parties. Have you chosen a side yet, or do you think you are moderate?

The 2022 midterm elections

As you all might already know, the conventional wisdom was that 2022 would not be the best year for the democrats.

The United States president, Joe Biden’s approval rates have fallen significantly. The chances of democrats winning have dropped so much that the republicans are already planning what they’ll do if they take over the house again.

According to reports, Republicans hold 214 out of 435 seats; however, according to the best estimate, it is likely that they will win with a majority of 230 seats!

According to CBS news election sensor-based director Antony Salvanto, the reason why republicans are winning the votes is because people or voters feel like the country is going in the wrong direction under the democrats, which is what is influencing their vote.

However, that is not the only thing voters are telling; it is also the republicans winning those voters.

Joe Biden and his role in the election

It is typical for the president’s party to use at the midterms; however, for them, it is another bite at the apple. He is a big motivator for republicans, which is pretty typical, but Biden has suffered some lower approval even among the democrats, which is not very good.

It is dampening enthusiasm among democrats, which is going to be a big problem for the party. As a result of this, it has led to a lower base turnout, meaning that the number of democrats voting is less than the republicans.

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Overall, the republicans feel like Donald Trump, even when he is out of office, is fighting for their rights.

Now let’s talk about how democrats still have a chance of winning. According to a survey of women under 50. women consider abortion to be just as crucial as other significant issues like the economy and other big problems.

As we know, republicans from the beginning are against abortion and consider it illegal; thus, women of the United States believe that republicans could make things worse for them, and they describe the republican party as extreme.

however, there is a cross-pressure here. That is, they do not see the democrats as an influential band; they don’t think democrats are doing enough or anything right now to protect abortion rights.

So this means that they have an opinion on republicans, but they are not going to necessarily vote on it because they want an answer from a democrat, and they are not hearing one from them right now. So, it’s clear that the democrats are losing votes.

The democrat party is doing worse in this election than in previous elections. They think that the republican congress would make things worse for women in the country, but when it comes to leading the country and its economy, they show utmost concern.

Hence, this might be a critical factor in determining its win.

Now let’s talk about how the economy will be affected if republicans win!

So, according to our research, the republicans haven’t disclosed their plan and intentionally chose to keep things vague. They say they are doing this to keep their party united, but that sounds fishy.

History suggests that there have always only been two outcomes of republicans winning. One is that they boil the conservatives’ blood by announcing their plan or teaming up against the president, with whom everyone has seemed to be bored. This time, it looks like they are going with the second plan.

This clearly shows how they are spending time expressing dissatisfaction with the president rather than advancing a government agenda. Many think the economy will only go into recession if the red party wins.

To prove my point further, when Senator Mitch McConnell was asked what his party would do if they regained their powers, he went blank and replied, “That is an excellent question, and I’ll get back to you when we take it back”. This shows how they are very uncertain of what reforms they will bring.

The Republican Party says they are becoming “more of a populist, limited government, culturally-sound party rather than just, let’s just cut taxes and a nice trade deal or something”.

Furthermore, it is expected that if the republicans won this time, social, trade, foreign policy and immigration issues could re-emerge like last time, when they won in 2014. Thereby, it seems like it is weakening the economy.

In the Senate, Mr. McConnell announced that they would focus on inflation, energy, defense, the border and crime. Where their history suggests otherwise, we can only hope for the best for the country. Do you think they will be able to prioritize and better the economy?

What will happen if the democrats win?

As unlikely as this seems, democrats might still have a chance of winning. But they will have to make some significant changes if they win.

First, improve their agenda and win their potential voters who are being motivated by the republicans. This includes many women, whose support democrats seem to be losing.

The democrat party will need to make these women feel heard and bring reforms about abortion laws because many women, as I mentioned earlier, are upset because they do not see the party attending them.

The blue party will also have to improve their base voter, which has significantly decreased. Other changes in the economy and social issues are also required.

Biden will have to win the minority voters and bring reforms into action since citizens feel like the democrat party has moved towards the left and is failing to act upon their promises.

As uncertain as these elections seem, we can only hope for the best. With the Republican Party taking the lead, it looks like a tough call for the president and the Democrats.

However, this does not meet they still can’t win. They still have the chance of winning their lost supporters back and winning congress.

Do you think the democrats still have a chance of winning, and even if they do would it be the right decision? Why do you think you are a democrat or a republican? Or perhaps, you are moderate? Comment below.

Disclaimer: This article received full authorization from Economy Vibe.

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